How We Work

Trailhead, How We Work
  • Julian will assemble a customized creative group tailored to your needs, keeping costs down and providing a personalized experience made specifically for your team.
  • He will lead his customized group and execute many specifics of the projects.
  • Julian’s extensive pool of award-winning partners include strategists, designers, developers, mechanical & electrical engineers, copywriters, videographers/photographers, stylists, and editors.
  • Julian has had the privilege of collaborating and breathing life into hundreds of products and brands.  Whether through research and analysis, digital or physical design, product or brand strategy, we have enabled businesses to flourish as relevant, innovative, and differentiated.
  • We foster cross silo collaboration to develop strategies and design and produce seamlessly connected brand and product experiences for B2B and B2C industries.
  • We drive growth, consumer insight discoveries, product opportunities, and resolve business challenges by employing a “design thinking” approach.

What We Do

Trailhead What We Do


  • Brand Development: Strategy, Positioning, Differentiation, Competitive Advantage, Personality, Vision, Stories, Naming, Alignment, Relevance, Production, Data Analysis, Action Plans  (Turning consumer & market data into tangible action plans and product innovation)
  • Brand Collateral Design Including: Digital, Print, Packaging, Sales Materials, Identity, Presentations, Marketing, Advertising PR.
  • Research, Discovery & Analysis: Target Consumers, Trends, Markets, Competition, Product Opportunity
  • Consumer Communication:  Discovery & Analysis, Strategy, Design, Messaging, Social Media, PR, Marketing, Tag Lines, Slogans
  • Business Development:  New Product Opportunities, Product & Brand Portfolios, Development Workshops, 3rd Party Management, Production Support


Web Design, Apps, Interface, Digital Presence Strategy & Design, UX, UI, Social Media, Marketing, PR, Advertising, 3rd Party Management & Production Support

Packaging & Labels

Packaging, Strategy, Positioning, Design, Production, Testing, Analysis, Innovation, Sourcing, Production Assistance, 3rd Party Management & Production Support

Photography & Video

Photography/Video:  Food & Beverage Styling, Visual Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production, Photo Shoot Execution, Editing, 3rd Party Management & Production Support, In-Studio or On-Location

Products (Industrial Design & Digital)

Product Development: Strategy, Positioning, Design, Naming, ID, ME, Production Support, New Opportunities) Industrial Design  (Discovery, Analysis, Design, Prototyping, Production Assistance, Engineering) Product Testing & Analysis  (Mock-Ups, Interviews, Market Research, Surveys & Analysis)  3rd Party Management & Production Support

Spaces (Environmental Design & Interior Design)

Environmental Design: Branded Experience Spaces, Corporate, Trade Shows, Retail, Tasting Rooms, Restaurants/Bars, Furniture, 3rd Party Management & Production Support

“The way he told 'the story' of the product through his marketing strategy, packaging design and food photography truly spoke to the consumer on a personal level.” - Paul Squicciarini, Partner & Chef

Specializing In:

» Food & Beverage

» Packaging & Labels

» Brand Development

» Visual Content & Photos

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Brands, Products, Strategy & Design:


Together we will innovate, cut through the market clutter & create relevant brand beauty.


→ Differentiated Packaging

→ Alluring Photography

→ Consumer Connections

→ Intriguing Brand Stories

→ Innovative Products

→ Engaging Spaces

→ Fresh Digital Experiences


Trailhead, How We Work
Trailhead What We Do
Trailhead, How We Work
Trailhead What We Do