CEO | Artisan Bistro Foods, Inc.

(Current: VP Digital Strategy, VF Corp)


"Julian Peck is an extraordinary branding and design creative professional.  He was a co-founder at Artisan Bistro Foods and oversaw the brand’s overall design, messaging and values.  Shortly after I joined the company as CEO, I asked Julian to transition from working with us as a part-time contractor to full-time as the Chief Brand Officer and a member of the company’s leadership team.  Julian’s primary task was to develop and lead the evolution of our brand and product lines and launch the brand into several new categories.  On his first day in his new role, he guided the leadership team through a workshop he designed to help us evolve, focus and align the brand’s target market, brand values, product innovations, brand messaging and consumer touch points.  Needless to say, he did a great deal of thoughtful work in preparation to ensure that he could contribute value and inspire us from day one.  He went on to oversee a competitive evolution of the company, such as updating the visuals and messaging of the brand and improving the creative work environment, efficiency strategies and packaging for over 20 on-trend new products.  Additionally, Julian enabled us to drive a consumer communication and publicity campaign that generated over 100 million impressions in outlets like The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan and People magazine.

Julian brings enormous creative energy and fresh thinking to everything that he does. He is full of surprises and new ideas and he played the crucial role in our leadership team as the steward for the brand as well as bringing fresh thinking and a consumer experience perspective to our tactical and strategic discussions.  He over delivers and consistently meets challenging deadlines.  He has a can-do attitude but he knows when to say no so that projects don’t go off the rails.  He has an excellent eye for detail and the technical chops in photography, visual design systems and printing to ensure that the job gets done properly.  Julian is a self-starter and he thrives in a dynamic start up environment.  His sense of humor and care for others make him someone I look forward to working with everyday.

Julian's expertise in the areas of brand and product development, design innovation, communication strategy and consumer experience will be valuable to any company.  I highly recommend Julian to anyone looking for innovative, insightful and creative work."







(Former CEO: Organic Bistro & Helen's Kitchen)


"Julian is a remarkable creative thinker whom I have worked with in various capacities since 2003.  He helped me build multiple companies from the ground up.  I was so impressed with his work consulting for me on Helen’s Kitchen that I asked him to help me found Artisan Bistro Foods, Inc. As an independent contractor, Julian invested all his free time to establishing the business, engrossed in its success.  Julian’s undeniable value to the company led us to hire him as the Chief Creative & Brand Officer.


Julian was a key player in our executive team.  He reliably delivered valuable and unexpected solutions.  When Julian joined us full-time, he immediately identified our brand and product deficiencies and created customized workshops to help the executive team evolve and strengthen our brand, our product lines and our approach.  With a compelling and powerful brand mission, Julian then defined the target market tribes and designed and implemented the brand collateral from the corporate environment to packaging and sales material.  Julian’s keen consumer insight and strong business foresight has helped us launch a successful social media campaign, develop new product lines, launch into 14 categories and expand our product offerings to over 15,000 retailers.


Julian consistently brings fresh ideas and tremendous creative energy that carries over to all areas of the business.  He has a positive and thoughtful leadership style and exceptional organizational skills, helping to keep multiple teams on track.  I have absolute trust and confidence in Julian and highly recommend him without hesitation."







"Julian Peck joined Zoe Design Associates as an Industrial Designer in 1999, and quickly worked his way up the organization to become the Creative Director. Julian was both an excellent designer and leader. He developed a unique insight into a user’s wants and needs, and possesses the design and communication skills to translate that understanding into innovative, impactful, and successful designs.

Julian worked with our entire client roster, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, and consistently produced designs that were both creatively and commercially successful.

I really enjoyed working with Julian during our many years together. He brought enthusiasm, focus, and a high level of professionalism to our organization, which helped us steadily grow our business, reputation, and client base. During his 14 year tenure, he was instrumental in bringing to market over 150 new products/brands, a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to Julian’s design and leadership skills.

Most importantly, he is a very easy person to work and get along with. He willingly and enthusiastically helped other designers develop their skills and improve their understanding of both business and design. While he, like any great designer, has strong opinions, he is always willing to listen and thoughtfully consider other points of view.

I highly recommend Julian as a designer and design leader. He would be a huge asset to any organization that values design and innovation."






(Former Creative Director: Zoe Design Associates)


"I worked with Julian for over a decade at Zoe Design Associates on projects ranging from product and graphic design to branding and research.  ¬In that time I have seen his limitless creativity.  He is über passionate about all things design including positive user experiences and the nuances of visual beauty.  Julian is truly great to work with; he is very committed, reliable and would ensure high quality deliverables were always presented on schedule and beyond expectation.  He brings a fresh perspective to every project and has a keen eye for details, which helped us win numerous design awards together.


I have fond memories of the countless evenings we spent fine-tuning projects, where I saw he not only pushed the boundaries of design but also had abundant positive energy and a knack for entertaining the team. His outgoing personality and thoughtfulness combined with his design vision make him valuable and a great guy to interact with in and out of the office."







(Former Head Chef at Artisan Bistro Foods, Inc.)


"It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Julian for his services and expertise.  As Director of Product Development at Artisan Bistro, I worked closely with Julian for three years on many new product lines and dozens of new products in the natural foods market.  His creativity, attention to detail and efficiency in his approach always had us on time and on budget.  The way he told "the story" of the product through his marketing strategy, packaging design and food photography truly spoke to the consumer on a personal level."








(Formerly with Tivo & Pacific Biosciences)

It was a delight, and privilege to work with Julian in my previous roles as design engineering client at TiVo, and Pacific Biosciences. I appreciate Julian’s creative spark, highly evolved design sense, and steadfast professionalism."








(Former Senior Industrial Designer at Zoe Design Associates)


"It was a wonderful experience working with Julian for seven years at Zoe Design Associates.  As senior industrial designer I was able to work closely with him and experience first hand his patient and thoughtful creative direction.  He always looked out for our team's well being and kept the creative juices flowing.  He is an inspiring and talented project leader."








(Former M.E. at Zoe Design Associates)


"As a Product Designer, I Ioved working with Julian while he was the Creative Director at Zoe Design Associates. He has an infectious love of design and a natural aesthetic judgment. His tremendous work ethic and commitment was also immediately obvious to team members and clients. To Julian, life is a never ending series of opportunities to add beauty and elegance through design."







"As VP of Plant Operations at Artisan Bistro, I deeply value the time I spent working with Julian.  He has a deep passion for his work and is a natural leader.  His creative ideas, immense work ethic and keen insight made him a valuable contributor to our team.  It was inspiring to see the products we built together come to life through the brand stories and visuals he meticulously constructed."








(Former VP Sales & Marketing | Artisan Bistro Foods, Inc.)


"Julian made my job easier and more effective.  As VP of Sales & Marketing, I needed specific sales materials to attract and inspire buyers to partner with us.  Julian took my needs and helped focused our sales approach.  He designed visual communication strategies that distinguished our brand and boosted our messaging.   With his expertise, we were able to expand our product offerings to over 15,000 retailers and generate enthusiasm for our brand.  Julian is easy to collaborate with and passionate about his work.  I have enjoyed knowing him professionally and personally.  He is one cool dude."









"Julian is a colorful, creative and innovative designer who has the strong ability to interpret information and turn it into original and vibrant creations that truly benefit our company and consumers.  Working with Julian is an enjoyable experience; he loves what he does and always shares his passion with us."

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